What Makes Provident the #1 Stop for Estate Jewelry and Pre-Owned Watches?


Nothing makes your day – or maybe even your month – like finding a truly one of a kind piece, does it? You might be looking for pre-owned watches, or estate jewelry, but whatever the case that moment when you find the perfect piece is like no other.

Why visit Provident Jewelry when you’re searching for rare finds such as these in Naples or Fort Myers? Here are three ways we ensure that you find something fantastic.

Expertise, Selection, and Quality: How Provident Jewelry Outdoes the Competition When it Comes to Pre-Owned Watches and Estate Jewelry

  • Expertise

Recognizing a truly astounding piece takes expertise, and at Provident Jewelry we offer an unrivaled level of it. Between our Graduate Gemologists and highly trained watch experts, we have an eye for greatness.

  • Selection

All of that expertise has allowed us to build one of the largest selections of pre-owned watches and estate jewelry in not just Naples and Fort Myers, but the entire country. What’s more, that collection is growing every day.

  • Quality

There are a lot of antique jewelry sellers out there who offer their pieces in a condition that leaves their customers wanting, to say the least. At Provident, however, our expert service team is more than capable of returning each piece we sell back to their original perfection. Whether that means getting a pre-owned watch ticking or getting a piece of estate jewelry glistening, youll find the quality that you’re looking for.

Naples & Fort Myers Visit Provident Jewelry for the Best Estate Jewelry and Pre-Owned Watches in the Region


Ready to find the piece of your dreams? Visit Provident Jewelry in Naples or Fort Myers today, and discover the expertise, selection, and quality you need to find something truly fantastic.

Check out our outstanding selection of pre-owned watches and estate jewelry online, or call Provident Jewelry at (888) 888-GEMS today.




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