Visit Provident Jewelry Jupiter to Experience a Ring of Unparalleled Luxury and Beauty

A genuinely luxurious piece of jewelry doesn’t just offer dazzling beauty — it’s also a one of a kind find that has a look and story like no other.

Case in point — the Pink Flame Diamond Ring from Provident Jewelry Jupiter. What makes this ring so special? Read on to learn more.

Genuinely Unique: What Makes the Pink Flame Diamond Ring at Provident Jewelry Jupiter So Singular

It’s difficult to know the exact origins of the stone in the Pink Flame Diamond Ring, but its history extends back to the early 17th Century when the famed French explorer and entrepreneur Jean Baptiste Tavernier first described finding rose diamonds weighing more than 200 carats in Southern India.

The Pink Flame stone weighs 10.08 carats, and it’s worth mentioning that naturally pink diamonds over a single carat are extremely rare. In fact, only .1% of diamonds produced annually are pink. The demand for pink diamonds far outpaces the supply, so they gain interest faster than other more common varieties.

Pretty in Pink: Bring Home a One of a Kind Ring from Provident Jewelry Jupiter

Ready to experience the rare perfection of our Pink Flame Diamond Ring for yourself? Visit Provident Jewelry Jupiter today and discover what it means to be truly unique. Luxury shouldn’t be any other way.

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