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Introducing Arnold & Son’s DSTB Model

Traditional Timepiece Lovers – This One’s For You

Introducing The DSTB Only Watch 2019

Arnold & Son’s is supporting charity in a beautiful way! On Saturday, November 9, 2019 this exquisite timepiece will be auctioned in Geneva. Benefiting the Monesgasque Association against Muscular Dystrophy, Arnold & Son’s is creating a watch just for the occasion. DSTB is the acronym for Dial Side True Beat. Not only will the winner of the auction receive this watch, they will have the opportunity to customize one of its most unique features.

What makes the watch unique is that the second-hand is going to be a true second – meaning that the arm will actually jump 60 times per minute. Though quartz watches have a second hand as a common feature, a mechanical calibri watch generally does not. That makes this timepiece much more of a rare find. The true second’s mechanism on the dial side of the watch renders it much simpler to decipher and understand. This feature makes it all the more extraordinary.

The movement of the mechanism is reminiscent of what is found in marine chronometers. True aficionados of traditional watchmaking will marvel at the history behind the techniques employed. It is similar to micro processor production. The anchor employed as the counterweight is a tribute to the roots of John Arnold, one of the founders. He spent years working on marine chronometer’s.

The winner of the watch will choose the shape of the second-hand counterweight. Their actual idea will substitute the anchor-shaped piece! When you add this one-of-a-kind addition with the uniqueness of the mechanisms all under a large sapphire circle accented with light sky-blue indexes and the calfskin strap you have a gorgeous piece of art worn on the wrist of a very fortunate individual.

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