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Introducing Christophe Claret’s Maestro Corail

Master Matchmaker, Christopher Claret has added a new item to the line of watches which includes the popular Maestro Mamba. It is the Maestro Corail, and like the Mamba, it incorporates an intricately detailed serpent weaving its way through the many visible wheels, gears, springs, and other exposed internal components.

The Corail makes great use of bold, bright color and design choices. A cursory glance reveals a complex mechanical interior. But on closer inspection, you’ll find beveled machine edges, razor-crisp paint lines, and minute tolerances between finely tuned components. But this time, the artist has added cobalt blue to adorn the snake as well as the highlights of the timepiece. The snake itself bears a shining copper face-mask and copper steaks along the tail. Between these is a shock of electric cobalt-blue scales slithering elusively through the entire piece.

Not one to ignore the practicalities of a wristwatch, Claret has incorporated his patented cone-shaped date display with the date at the 5-o’clock position and the memo function just behind the 4-o’clock position. The memo device is unique to Claret’s designs and is activated on schedule to remind the user of important dates. The date cone is capped with a diamond-like tip adorned with the same copper as the face of the serpent- placing a special emphasis on the day and important events. A PVD-treated titanium case and sapphire dome protect the inner mechanisms.

Fans of the brand will appreciate the skeletonized bridges with their characteristic angular edges and coupled barrels which allow the watch to go on running for up to seven days.

The Maestro Corail arrives in time for high summer- just to emphasize the importance of timeliness- with Claret’s famous craftsmanship and a new color scheme that suggests fun as much as it does function. This is a watch that is not content to be left on the shelf.

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