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MB&F Legacy Machine N°2 White Gold Purple – Limited Edition

MB&F has announced the latest design: The Legacy Machine No. 2 in White Gold Purple

But what is so special about purple?  Humans see a wide spectrum of colors, but purple is the one that has the highest frequency of light that we can see. This watch uses that high frequency of light as well as using the latest technology in watchmaking for a machine that is innovative as well as eye-catching. The elegant shade of the dial plate is created with a chemical vapor deposition of the deep purple tone to create an even color that changes with the angle that light strikes it. Depending on the angle, it may be anywhere from a bright purple to a deeper violet. The white gold of the casing is used to accent the purple face in a design that is a redesign of the LM2 Titanium model.

This timepiece represents both the past and the future. It uses a design that reinterprets the innovations used by some of the world’s greatest watchmakers, including AntideJanvier( 1751– 1835) and Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747– 1823). It also encapsulates ideas of the future, with its dual flying balances and other modern features. It evokes the design of the dual regulator, one of history’s rarest watch designs. It uses just one gear train with its dual regulators for a construction that is among the rarest. The domed crystal is a sapphire that covers a design that looks deceptively simple. This watch, made in 2013, was released in small editions, with only 12 with this white gold design. Not many people will own this modern classic with its large planetary differential and its many contributions to micro-engineering.

Available at

Provident Jewelry Jupiter

828 W Indiantown Road
Jupiter, FL 33458
(561) 747-4449

Read their Press Release below

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