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MB&F Tom & T-Rex Available for Only Watch Auction – Available for Sale in August

If you’re looking for something extremely unique and one-of-a-kind, then the MB&F Tom & T-Rex table clock is really going to shoot to the top of your list. This beautiful, entirely unconventional design redefines what a table clock should look like and breaks dozens of old paradigms going back centuries with time pieces. As a contribution for 2019, this particular assembly and mechanical joy was originally conceptualized by partners L’Epée 1839. The clock is both eye-catching as well as symbolic in how it is put together.

Starting with the small figure at the top, the human shape is Tom, representative of children who are handicapped due to the degenerative disease of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The two-legged behemoth underneath is his more than capable friend, T-Rex. Regardless of being handicapped, Tom can travel easily with T-Rex, leaping and running to any realm desired with the power of a robot dinosaur. The symbolism of overcoming the debilitating effects of disease become so apparent when looking at the piece.

However, on deeper examination, one will see the work and care that went into creating this table clock. The highest-quality parts and coordination are in play as the clock’s inner workings move and drive. With a height of 30cm, this table clock makes up a collection 200 different parts cast in various metals. The gem of the clock is the hand-blown glass center and timepiece lens, created by Murano. And there is no need to wind this clock daily. It can run for as long as 8 days without a new source provided.

Yet the most important element of the Tom & T-Rex clock is not the assembly or the aesthetics of the finished metal and glass or the impression it gives visually. Instead, the greatest power of this prize is the ability to generate valuable funds needed to help support care, medical research, and a hope that afflicted children will one day be cured with your help and others.


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