Breitling has Spent 130+ Years Paving the Way in Watch Innovation

Since 1884, the Swiss watchmaking firm Breitling has been pushing the forefront of craftsmanship when it comes to designing timepieces that are accurate and durable. As one of the early developers of the wrist chronograph, the company became the official supplier of watches to aviators around the globe.

You can experience the technological and aesthetic perfection of a Breitling watch by visiting Provident Jewelry in Jupiter today. Here are three popular models that are sure to grab your eye.

3 Stunning Watches from Breitling, Available Now at Provident Jewelry in Jupiter


  • Chronoliner



Drawing inspiration from 50’s and 60’s era Breitling watches, the Chronoliner is a modern take on the classic captain’s watch. With the ability to indicate three timezones, it features a distinctive broad bezel in scratch-resistant high-tech ceramic. Simply put, the Chronoliner is one tough piece of technology.


  • Navitimer 01



Since 1952, the Navitimer has been one of the most popular watches among pilots, navigators, and aviation enthusiasts. With its distinctive aeronautical aesthetic and durable build, the Navitimer 01 is a true tool of the skies. It’s also available in red gold with a variety of dial color options.


  • Exospace B55



The new Exospace B55 offers a more modern edge to the traditional chronograph. Equipped with smart technology, this unique timepiece can be linked to your phone in order to increase its functionality, perform adjustments, and take a variety of measurements.

Visit Provident Jewelry in Jupiter to Experience the Perfection of Breitling Watches

Ready to discover the aesthetic and technological perfection of Breitling? These and many more Breitling watches are available now at Provident Jewelry in Jupiter. Visit us today, and set your course for style.

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