Jewelry Repair

Jewelry Repair

Jewelry is a fantastic thing to own but often pieces become damaged or broken over. It is always best, no matter how expensive the piece, that you take the time to truly consider how to repair a piece and what method of repair is best. Professional repair is always the best option as these professionals know the tricks to fully and artfully repair your pieces.

It is always best to seek out a professional jewelry store or repair option that is going to be quick, efficient, and that is not going to alter the value or integrity of your piece. A great example is if the clasp is broken on your diamond necklace, while you may be able to repair it to a certain extent, a professional is going to be able to make the repairs nearly imperceptible and is going to also be able to make these repairs in such a way that the strength of the piece is not changed and it is perfectly fine to wear each and every day. The repairs they may are also backed by experience and by the assurance of your jeweler that your piece is as good as new.

Jewelry repair is not limited to clasps on necklaces, your repair may be as simple as a clasp but it may also be as complicated as a lost stone that needs to be replaced, a post in a ring that has broken off, or a  dent or a gouge that needs to be buffed out. Professional repairs are always going to be best as jewelers have the tools, the knowledge, and the experience necessary to make repairs quickly and to get your piece back to its former glory. These highly trained professionals are prepared and ready to make any necessary repairs and to get your piece back to good as new.

Provident Jewelry has jewelry experts on-site to provide expert jewelry repair services. Contact one of our seven locations today to schedule an appointment with one of our jewelry experts.

About Provident Jewelry:

Provident Jewelry has been family owned and operated since opening the door of our original location in West Palm Beach, Florida in 1993.

Over the past 25 years, we have expanded to seven locations in Florida becoming one of the most respected and trusted buyers and sellers of fine estate jewelry, rare gems and luxury timepieces in the country. At Provident Jewelry we focus on superior customer service, exceptional value, attention to detail and unwavering integrity.

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