Louis Moinet’s Sideralis

Louis Moinet’s Sideralis Wins Good Design Award

“No true artist can ever be behind their own times” – Louis Moinet (1768-1853)

Provident Jewelry would like to congratulate Louis Moinet! Louis Moinet’s Sideralis has just received the distinction of winning a prize in the international Good Design Awards, one of the most highly-renowned competitions in the world. The Good Design Awards has been around for more than 67 years now and every year companies and independent watch designers from more than 46 countries in the world apply to be considered for this great honor.

The Louis Moinet name was the only one to emerge as a winner in Fine Watchmaking. When looking at the fine craftsmanship of the Sideralis, you can see why.


Sideralis’s unique, intricate design is built around two oversized tourbillons, with cages measuring 14.9 mm, designed to be above the movement and the dial.

Both are oversized, with cages measuring 14.9 mm – half as big again as the average, making this the largest assembly of two tourbillons ever to have existed. The tourbillons rotate in opposite directions, making this timepiece an eccentric and complex piece of machinery.

Louis Moinet’s Sideralis


The tourbillons rotate to reveal a tiny hand-painted vignette. In this vignette you’ll see Mars, the Moon, and Mercury. However, this is not just a painting, it also contains a hand-crafted fragment of Mars,  Moon dust, and a fragment of the Rosetta Stone, the oldest known rock in the solar system, believed by the scientific community to have come from Mercury.


The Sideralis was only one of three different Good Design Awards given to Louis Moinet. Each timepiece that was awarded was unique, handcrafted, and made in limited quantity. Louis Moinet timepieces are anything but ordinary and that is why we at Provident Jewelry have decided to offer these up for sale to our affluent clientele.

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