MEDUSA: A Spellbinding Manifestation of Time

Medusa is the result of the tenth collaboration between MB&F and L’Epée 1839 – Switzerland’s premier clockmaker. It utilizes a dual configuration within a hand-blown Murano class housing and can stand alone on a desk or be mounted to the ceiling. Medusa blends outstanding Swiss horological precision with an artisanal skill within the form of one of the ocean’s most uniquely beautiful creatures – the jellyfish.

Max Busser & Arnaud Nicolas
Max Busser & Arnaud Nicolas Image Source: Bloomberg

That is right, the central form of Medusa is comprised of hand-blown Murano glass in a large transparent dome that is reminiscent of the bell-like body of a mature jellyfish. Visible through the dome are two rotating rings. One of these rings displays the minutes while the other displays the hour with a single fixed indicator extending over the rings.

Much like the mysterious and compelling creature the Medusa is modeled after, this timepiece glows in the dark with Super-LumiNova and has its own pulsating heart due to a 2.5-hertz movement beneath the time. This clock combines the elements of function, durability, and aesthetic beauty into one exceptional timepiece.


After two years of development by L’Epée 1839, an entirely new movement was developed for the Medusa. With the surrounding glass dome limiting access to movement, the Medusa requires a combined system for setting and winding unlike other co-creations with separate points for these tasks. Moreover, to reinforce the source of this inspired design and maximize the visual impact, the movement mimics the radial symmetry of a jellyfish’s neural column due to its engineering around a central axis.

The Medusa is available in pink, green or blue for their challenging glass exterior. These colors were chosen to give the clock the ability to reflect the natural hues of a jellyfish. With tentacles and a dome crafted from the same glass, all parts have the same visual qualities and optimal aesthetic value.

This unique and exquisite timepiece was first proposed in 2016 by independent designer Fabrice Gonet. MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser saw the appeal immediately and quickly chose to work with the designer after years of personal friendship.

There are three limited editions – 50 of each color – of the Medusa. Each is unique and one of a kind as most hand-blown glass is.

The name “Medusa” conjures mental images that span a wide range of experience. As the jellyfish it is designed after, it mesmerizes with beauty and function. Others will remember Greek mythology and its snake-haired Gorgon who turned men to stone with one look. Either way, the Medusa is hard to look away from once you gaze into its depths.





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