The #1 Antique Buyer in West Palm Beach is Provident Jewelry

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Whether you do it professionally or you simply have a few pieces lying around that you don’t want anymore, selling antiques, furniture, paintings, and other artwork can sometimes seem like a daunting process. From finding a buyer who will offer the best price to lugging around your wares, it’s easy to become discouraged.

The solution? Provident Jewelry in West palm Beach. We’re renowned among antique sellers for not only offering the best price, but for the fact that we make the whole process easier.

What Makes Us the Leading Antique and Artwork Buyer in West Palm Beach?

Sellers and customers love visiting Provident Jewelry for many reasons, but when it comes to selling antiques and artwork there are two that stand out.

For starters, we always pay top dollar for each piece we buy. Our staff offers an unrivaled level of expertise, and we’re capable of recognizing the quality of your luxury items — and we pay accordingly.

Second, we make the selling process easier. Have a large collection, cumbersome pieces, or maybe you simply don’t feel like coming into the store? Contact us to make an at-home appraisal appointment and we’ll come to you.

Sell Artwork and Antiques for More (and With Less Hassle) Thanks to Provident Jewelry in West Palm Beach


Ready to sell your antiques, artwork, paintings, or furniture? And are you ready to get more while doing less? Visit the experts at Provident Jewelry today, and find out why West Palm Beach visits us for all things relating to buying and selling luxury goods.

Start the appraisal process now using our online form, or call Provident Jewelry at (888) 888-GEMS.




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