The Hottest Events and Parties in the Country in One Exciting Adventure: Brought to You By Our Jupiter Jeweler




For the past eight years, the goldRush Rally has been bringing thousands of people together to enjoy some of the the most exciting events across the United States. The rally is different each year, but a few things stay the same – the passion for the automotive lifestyle, the massive parties, and the luxurious hotels.

The latest goldRush Rally just came to a close, and this year we’re happy to say that Provident Jewelry Jupiter in concord with luxury watch designer MB&F were the official sponsors of this thrilling adventure.


The 2016 goldRush Rally Partied from Coast to Coast – Our Jupiter Jeweler was there


This year’s goldRush Rally launched in Boston on May 13th with a car show at City Hall that brought together more than 40,000 people. From there the rally hit up some of the hottest cities in the nation, including Washington D.C., Charlotte, Nashville, Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Every step of the way goldRushers enjoyed an ongoing celebration of luxury cars, top-caliber nightclubs, and premier hotel stays.

Suffice to say that participants enjoyed the experience of a lifetime.


Provident Jewelry  Loves Getting Involved with the Most Exciting Events in Jupiter and Beyond

We at Provident Jewelry were thrilled to join our partners at MB&F in sponsoring the goldRush Rally, and we’re already looking forward to next year. We always enjoy getting involved with different events, whether they’ve been organized to support the community or simply provide a unique experience – and goldRush was certainly that.

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