Looking to Sell Antiques? Provident is the #1 Antique Buyer in Naples and Fort Myers

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There are basically two kinds of antique sellers out there: those who do it professionally, and those who simply have a piece or two around the house they want to unload. But whether you fall into the former category or the latter, both have one thing in common – the desire to get the most money possible.

At Provident, we’re not just a jewelry store. We’re also one of the most renowned buyers of antiques, paintings, artwork, and furniture in Fort Myers and Naples, and we have a reputation for being the antique buyer who gives the best value in the region.

Why Provident Jewelry Is Known as Naples’ Top Antique Buyer

Customers and sellers alike love Provident Jewelry for many reasons, but when it comes to selling antiques, artwork, and other luxury items there are two reasons we stand out among Naples buyers.

First of all, our antique appraisers possess the expertise to recognize and appreciate true quality. They’re more than capable of identifying the value of your piece, and appraising it accordingly. Second, our affluent clientele is always on the lookout for rare and unique pieces, and they’re willing to pay top dollar. That’s a money that we’re able to pass on to you, and we provide immediate payment.

We also offer home appraisal appointments in the event that you have large items that are difficult to move, or you just can’t make it to the store.

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Sell Antiques, Artwork, Paintings, and Furniture and Receive the Best Price in Fort Myers

Simply put, between our expert appraisers and eager customers, we’re able to pay you more when you’re looking to sell antiques, artwork, and other fine items. For that and many other reasons, Provident Jewelry is the top antique buyer in Fort Myers.

Start the appraisal process now using our online form, or call Provident Jewelry at (888) 888-GEMS.




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