The allure of a Cartier timepiece is absolutely without parallel. Classic, beautiful and high-quality, the timepiece literally evokes a time and place in Hollywood’s golden age.

Actresses Angelina Jolie, Naomi Watts, Lupita Nyong’o have all are seen with Cartier timepieces in their personal ensemble, whether walking around town or going to reception for the evening. Cartier’s signature look evokes professionalism, success and style. Even the new Duchess of Cambridge, Kate of Windsor, wears Cartier! But that doesn’t mean this quality watch is only for the Hollywood set and royalty. A Cartier watch can grace your partner’s hand as well.

The Tank Anglaise collection is perfect for running around town and meeting for lunch during the day. It’s subtle design, angular shaping evoking a bit of art deco, and cool metallic look will blend in with most appearances and wardrobes. And, if a metallic look is not favored, there are the leather strap choices in warm, rich natural skin matter textures.

Tank Anglaise Collection :


Then, for the evening, the Hypnose collection is sure to catch people’s eyes. Audiences and side perspective looking for new, avant-garde pieces will immediately notice the distinct shaping of a Cartier Hypnose timepiece, accenting one’s dress and ensemble elegantly.

Hypnose Collection :

Of course, not every event is meant for being the focus point of attention. Conservatism has it’s time as well. The Cle’ de Cartier collection provides an absolute call back to prim and proper times, providing a bold touch of luxury and elegance that even the most attention-specific of CEOs and politicos will swoon over when worn on the wrist for the event.

Cle’ de Cartier Collection :

So if you were thinking that Cartier watches and timepieces are only for Hollywood actresses and walking the red carpet for the Oscar awards, think again. These collections are entirely available to you at Provident Jewelry. And with the Holiday season in high gear, consider a new Cartier watch the perfect gift!

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