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Furrer Jacot Watches

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Furrer Jacot Gold Magiques Collection

The concave band is available in 18kt white, red and yellow gold, along with platinum and palladium...

$18,300.00 Ex Tax: $18,300.00

Diamond Margiques Collection

Beautiful diamond band is inspired by nature. The ring is available in 18kth white, yellow and red g..

$7,740.00 Ex Tax: $7,740.00

Diamond Sculptures Collection

Available in 18kt yellow, white and red gold as well as platinum; this chain-link bank comes with pl..

$5,750.00 Ex Tax: $5,750.00

Gold Sculptures Collection

This chain-link ring is available in 18kt yellow gold, red and platinum. The band comes with diamond..

$4,860.00 Ex Tax: $4,860.00

White Gold Diamond Ring

750 white gold bracelet. 4mm. Diamonds 40 Bri F-G vs .350..

$3,490.00 Ex Tax: $3,490.00

Satin Magiques Collection

This classic band features classy high polished edges, and a sleek satin center making it more refin..

$3,210.00 Ex Tax: $3,210.00

Rose Gold Ring

Style 62-53230 available with 8, 16 and 32 diamonds..

$2,630.00 Ex Tax: $2,630.00

Yellow Gold Rings

750 yellow gold. 8mm. Style 71-84720 available with 1, 3 and 8 diamonds. ..

$2,350.00 Ex Tax: $2,350.00

White/Rose Magiques Collection

Classic combination of white and rose 18kt gold. Also available fully set with diamonds. Other combi..

$2,180.00 Ex Tax: $2,180.00

White/Red/Gold Carbon Collection

This band is available 18kt white, red and yellow gold as well as palladium and platinum with carbon..

$2,040.00 Ex Tax: $2,040.00

Tonda Metropolitaine

This Band features carbon fiber, warpped around either a 18kt white, red or yellow gold along with p..

$2,030.00 Ex Tax: $2,030.00

White & Rose Gold Rings

750 white/rose gold. 5mm. Style 71-84660 available with 1 Bri F-G vs .040...

$2,020.00 Ex Tax: $2,020.00

White Gold Rings

750 white gold. 6mm. Style 71-84620 available with 1 Bri F-G vs .050...

$1,980.00 Ex Tax: $1,980.00

Rose Gold & Carbon Fiber Rings

750 rose gold/carbon fiber. 7mm. Style 71-84670 available with 2, 6, 12 diamonds. ..

$1,870.00 Ex Tax: $1,870.00

Black/White Carbon Collection

Carbon fiber wrapped around white gold with rose gold edge. Available in platinum and palladium as w..

$1,730.00 Ex Tax: $1,730.00

Rose Gold Rings

750 rose gold. 6mm. Style 71-84680 available with 1 Bri F-G vs .030...

$1,720.00 Ex Tax: $1,720.00

Yellow Gold Rings

750 yellow gold. Style 71-84630 avaialbe with 1 Bri F-G vs .030. ..

$1,290.00 Ex Tax: $1,290.00

Our inventory is constantly evolving. Please contact us for more details and availability of this brand.