Paula Crevoshay – Queen of Color, First Lady of Fine Jewelry

Long synonymous with ethereal beauty and flawless design, the name Crevoshay is world-renowned and respected among the most elite of jewelry empires. The empress of this domain, celebrated jewelry artist Paula Crevoshay, has been on top of her game for more than three decades, but not simply for her talent. A force to be reckoned with and a fierce advocate of jewelry design as a discipline rather than a business, Paula Crevoshay’s drive comes from her passion to go back to basics in the jewelry making industry: Jewelry making is an art, honed by creativity and the world around us, as she has been showing us how to do it successfully for more than 30 years.

A Master of Jewelry Artpc3

When looking at Paula Crevoshay’s exquisite, one-of-a-kind designs, whether they are pendants, rings or brooches, it’s easy to see that she is heavily influenced by the beauty of nature. She focuses on creating simple, colorful, evocative pieces that come to life as they are worn. Vibrant, rich and full of life, the pieces in the Crevoshay jewelry collection have earned Paula the title of Queen of Color.

Paula started her journey into the fine jewelry design world shortly after returning to America from a three-year stint in India. A graduate of VCU, she earned her Master of Art degree from the University of Wisconsin, where she studied painting and sculpture; however, it wasn’t until she fell in love with different gemstones and began experimenting with color and design that she created and sold her first collection in 1981. Since then, the unique style of Paula’s incomparable designs has been recognized and celebrated throughout the world — featured in museums, public and private collections, as well as seen in red carpets, photo shoots and auction houses throughout Europe, Asia and America.

crevoshay2-smallUnique Jewelry as Artistic Expression

Never having an interest in launching a major, mass-produced endeavor, Paula Crevoshay’s beautiful pieces are original, highly collectible creations deemed fine works of art. She has done this with the purpose of showing artists all over the world that indeed, there is a market for truly unique, artistic jewelry without the burdens of mass production.

Part of the secret behind Crevoshay jewels is the quality, purity and brilliance of the stones she uses. Gorgeous opals are regular players in the Crevoshay game, as are brilliant tourmalines, classical amethysts and rare Tsavorite gemstones. Paula incorporates expertly intricate handcrafting techniques in most of her jewelry, and she only uses 18-karat gold to set her pieces. This, in conjunction with the nature of her designs – balanced, versatile and timeless – make Paula Crevoshay a true titan and pioneer of the jewelry industry.

Crevoshay Jewels at Provident Jewelry

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