Yellow Diamonds, also known as Canary Diamonds, are a lovely gift and have an unusual history. The most famous yellow diamond is “The incomparable” weighing in at 407.49 carats.

Although yellow diamonds are found throughout the world, the most intense yellow diamonds generally come from South Africa. There are many legends and lore involving diamonds from the ancients.  Legends that diamonds were splinters of stars that had fallen to the earth, and were buried deep below.   Some said that diamonds were torn of the Goddess who had cried for her beloved and that the fire in the diamond embodied the eternal flame of love.  For thousands of years, rough diamonds were kept as talismans

The root Greek word for diamond is  “Adamas” meaning indestructible, unconquerable, and immortal. The right kind of diamond, makes you immortal as well.   A stunning, classic choice for anyone to wear, from a ring to earrings to a pendant or bracelet.   Yellow diamonds, like all natural colored diamonds, are quite rare.   So finding not only the right diamonds, the right settings and the right look on the wearer, are all carefully thought through when talking to a jeweler.

When choosing yellow diamonds, keep in mind how this will enhance the wearer.   Is it subtle and coy?  Is it one diamond or a cluster that emblazon a wrist with golden fire?  There are subtle and unique differences in the colors of all diamonds.   In the yellow hues, the varied colors range from golden yellow diamond,  brownish yellow diamond, orangey yellow diamond, and greenish yellow diamond.   Canary Yellow Diamond is a pure strong shade yellow diamond.

Enhance your life with the vivid color of a yellow diamond.




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