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There’s something that strikes an emotional chord when a man or woman walks into a room wearing an iconic luxury watch like a Rolex, Tudor or Breitling. These classic timepieces are gorgeous and just like fine wine can get better and better with age. Today’s trend of everything old is new again is a message that those wanting to purchase a pre-owned watch. Keep in mind that not all watch suppliers are the same. Provident Jewelry does all the research and expert repair to each and every timepiece in their store.  Here are 5 things to know before buying a pre-owned luxury watch.

  1. Know What You Are Buying:  Pre-owned watches include three categories, contemporary, vintage or discontinued. Contemporary are current watch models that can be purchased at authorized dealers, vintage are timepieces that are typically 30 years old and discontinued are models no longer offered by the brand. The interesting thing to note about all three of these categories is that a pre-owned watch may be worth more than a brand new one and continue to increase in value over time.
  2. Understand the Maintenance Involved: Buying a luxury watch is an investment and one that will require care and maintenance which can be costly. Experts recommend hiring a professional watch repair service or certified watchmaker to ensure your pre-owned watch is working properly and will continue to run properly into the future.
  3. Beware of “Fakes”: Luxury watch replicas are increasing to appear on the secondary market. Experts recommend to never buy a watch from a supplier that isn’t a certified dealer like Provident Jewelry. The outside of the piece may appear to be exactly the same, but watches like Rolex and Breitling have many complex parts inside that replicas don’t.
  4. Original Box and Papers A Plus:  A true collector will pay a premium for a luxury watch that includes the original box and papers. A watch without these items doesn’t reduce the value of an authentic timepiece, but it a collector intends to resell the item, it could be helpful.
  5. Be an Informed Buyer: Provident Jewelery highly recommends asking questions about a timepiece before purchasing it. For example, “Does the watch include all the correct manufacturer’s parts?” Is the original box and papers part of the purchase?” Has the watch’s finish been altered?” Certified dealers and repair experts will know everything about the timepiece. Contact Provident Jewelry to help you find the perfect pre-owned luxury timepiece that will last a lifetime.

We’ve got a wide selection of luxury preowned timepieces for you to choose from.

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