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As we approach the holidays you may be considering this very popular and versatile option. Diamond studs are an elegant and classic choice for any occasion and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and stone quality. But you may be wondering where to start your search!

Today we’re going to answer many common questions to help you choose the perfect diamond studs. You will learn how to choose the right size, stone quality, typical costs, where to buy your studs, and other helpful information. We will also share some of our favorites available at Provident Jewelry.

How and where to buy diamond stud earrings?

* Establish a budget
* Choose a reputable local jeweler
* Inform yourself about diamonds ahead of time

You should only purchase your diamond studs from a reputable local jeweler who can verify the quality and value of diamonds. A professional jeweler will have extensive training in gemology and years of experience evaluating fine jewelry. They will be able to help you select the highest quality diamond earrings within your budget, and will also be able to guide you in the process of insuring your purchase. And you will be able to see the color and impressive sparkle of various diamond cuts and colors in person. If you opt for online purchases with an unknown retailer you run the risk of buying inauthentic or misrepresented jewelry. You will also have to deal with the hassle of waiting for shipping and returns should you change your mind. To buy the perfect studs you should first decide what your budget is. Knowing this ahead of time will help you and your jeweler select the best gift within your budget. You may also opt to buy the diamonds first and have them placed in a custom setting of your choosing! Gifting something one-of-a-kind is extra special.

What size diamond studs are too big & what size should you choose?

* Ask your jeweler what sizes are available within your budget
* Decide if the diamond studs will be worn on special occasions or for everyday use

This is totally up to the individual, but it is highly recommended to consider price before size. Diamond size and quality can heavily influence the price. You should also consider how they will be worn. Does the wearer you are gifting usually wear larger, bold, statement jewelry? Or, do they gravitate towards more subtle, understated pieces? Answering these questions will help you choose the perfect size studs. You may be able to buy a larger diamond with a less expensive metal type. Find out if yellow gold or white gold is preferred. An extremely large diamond will hang much differently on the ear than a smaller earring. Your jeweler can model various choices and help you choose a size that dazzles without adding too much weight to the ear.

How much do 2-carat diamond studs cost?

* Price varies dramatically based on diamond quality
* Prices varies by brand
* Price varies by metal type (white, yellow, or rose gold, or platinum)

First, you should know that the carat weight of the earrings includes both earrings. For 2 carat earrings, each diamond earring would be approximately 1 carat. Diamond grades and carat weight plays a significant role in the price. The brand may also influence the price of the jewelry, as will metal type. With a little research, you will see that 2-carat diamond studs may cost anywhere from $25 to $97,000! This will give you an idea of how drastically prices vary, and how important it is to know what you want and what you are buying. If you or your loved one has their heart set on 2-carat diamond studs you might ask your jeweler to show you a selection of their studs available in that carat weight at various price points. And again, a professional jeweler will be able to make you custom earrings as well.

What diamond clarity should you choose?

* If buying anything larger than a carat opt for higher clarity
* For the best value choose diamonds that are eye clean

While clarity is less important than the diamond’s cut or color, if you are buying a diamond over one carat or certain shaped diamonds (in emerald or Asscher cut flaws could be more visible), you may want to spend more for a higher clarity grade. For the best value, select a diamond that is eye-clean. Eye clean means that there are inclusions that can’t be seen with the naked eye. These grades of diamonds often look similar to higher grades for less cost. Also, keep in mind that diamond studs have a farther viewing distance – people rarely examine the stones as closely as they would an engagement ring.

Trade-in & trade-up!

Another option often overlooked is a trade-up! If you or your loved one already has diamond studs you can trade them in towards an upgrade. Provident Jewelry offers this service and it is a fabulous way to get something new and improved using something you already own. Our jewelers will actually evaluate any fine jewelry or watches that you own and consider it for trade towards something new. Learn more about our Sell, Trade, Consign services.

Create one-of-a-kind custom diamond stud earrings

If you would like to gift something original and tailored to someone’s specific tastes consider our custom design services. Our professional gemologists will help you select the perfect pair of diamonds, design, settings, and metal types for your earrings. This is a very popular option and a fun, creative experience! Call us to start the process today or learn more about custom jewelry design here.


Call or visit your nearest Provident Jewelry showroom today to find the perfect gift for yourself or your loved one! We have highly experienced G.I.A. Gemologists at every location and offer a range of services and options for you. Discover unmatched quality, selection, and service at Provident Jewelry.

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