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You may be in the market for an engagement ring – for yourself, or for someone special! Or perhaps you’re looking for an upgrade, a replacement, or an anniversary gift. Either way, there are so many styles and trends to consider. You might be more interested in certain gemstone types, styles, new or vintage, or maybe something you’ve seen on a celebrity’s finger.


We’re sharing three very popular styles that we love, and also have available at Provident Jewelry. Within these three very popular engagement ring styles there happens to be quite a bit of variety! Read on to learn more about these three popular engagement ring styles and some tips for selecting the perfect ring.


3 Popular Engagement Ring Styles

  • Classic Solitaire
  • Three Stone and Halo
  • Colored Diamond and Gemstone
Diamond Solitaire

Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

3.01 ct Oval Diamond Bridal Set

Diamond Ring

3-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

5.01 ct Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

Yellow Diamond Ring

Colored Diamond Engagement Ring

2.22 ct Oval Yellow Diamond Ring

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire engagement rings are a classic, iconic style. Solitaires have symbolized engagement for many years and are always a great option regardless of engagement ring trends.


Many choose a solitaire ring for its classic elegance and ability to showcase the diamond. Although it is a very simple design there are many options for stone cut, size, color, and metal type to distinguish the ring.  The most popular stone shape for a solitaire ring is the round brilliant. Other popular styles for solitaire diamond rings are cushion, princess, radiant, and pear.


Within the solitaire engagement ring style there are many popular variations:

  • oval solitaire engagement rings
  • classic engagement rings
  • rose gold solitaire engagement ring
  • round solitaire engagement ring
  • emerald cut solitaire engagement rings
  • princess cut solitaire engagement rings
  • pear-shaped solitaire engagement ring
  • rose gold solitaire engagement rings
  • gold solitaire engagement ring
  • cushion cut solitaire engagement rings


Three Stone and Halo Engagement Rings

Three Stone: There are various different meanings behind this style of engagement ring, with the most popular being the representation of past, present, and future. Another popular meaning is that the three stones represent friendship, love, and fidelity. The three-stone rings feature a center stone accented by two diamonds or gemstones on either side. This style of ring can be modern, antique, vintage, or even a custom design.


If you have a specific ring design in mind, creating your own one-of-a-kind three stone ring is an excellent option. Provident Jewelry can help you design and create the ring of your dreams to your exact specifications.


Three Stone Vintage Engagement Rings

You may also find your ideal ring in our selection of estate engagement rings. These vintage rings have their own history and character, making the three-stone ring even more interesting. With one of our estate diamond rings, you will also be wearing something rare and one-of-a-kind.


When selecting a 3 stone engagement ring, you’ll find your setting the same way you would any other ring. After choosing your setting you will select the perfect trio of stones. You will want to choose side stones that are no more or less than one color letter away from your center stone so the diamonds will appear similar in color.


Halo Engagement Ring

This has become a very popular style in recent years. The halo ring is a type of setting where a stone is surrounded by a ring of round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds. A halo setting can also make your budget go further as a halo setting may make the center stone look up to a half-carat bigger. There are many different halo ring variations, so you have a lot of choices. The halo around the center stone could be round, squarish, or diamond-shaped. The band can be white, yellow, or rose gold, and the band can meet the center diamond in a straight, twisted, or double-ringed design.


Here are a few other popular halo ring design variations:

  • Double halo diamond ring
  • Starburst floral diamond halo ring
  • Split shank halo engagement ring
  • Plain shank halo engagement ring
  • Pave halo engagement ring
  • Princess cut halo diamond rings
  • Pear-shaped diamond halo ring
  • Oval halo diamond engagement ring


Colored Diamond and Gemstone Engagement Rings

Many couples desire a gemstone engagement ring that doesn’t feature a diamond. Some very popular gemstone engagement rings are rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, but an engagement ring can have whatever gemstone you would like! Some opt for a vintage gemstone engagement ring – and there are some pretty extraordinary options in our collection!
You may also choose to design your own gemstone engagement ring. You can select the stone and setting to create something original and exactly to your personal tastes.


Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds come in an array of hues that could be selected for an engagement ring. The rarest of the natural colored diamonds are red, purple, blue, pink, and green – and the deeper the color, the rarer. The most popular color for engagement rings today is yellow. Diamonds are graded on a scale of letters from D to Z. Most colors are invisible until J, K or L. Diamonds graded with the letter Z are considered fancy yellow diamonds.


Regardless of the color, setting, or style of engagement ring you choose, you should always try to select the best color, cut, and carat available within your budget. At Provident Jewelry we have an amazing selection of one-of-a-kind engagement rings that will speak to one’s personality and tastes.

Are you ready to buy an engagement ring?

Here at Provident Jewelry, we have expert gemologists on staff who are highly experienced at helping couples find the perfect ring. We can walk you through the selection of a new or estate diamond engagement ring, or help you design a unique ring to your precise specifications with the perfect diamond. Contact us online, by phone, or visit one of our 7 locations across South Florida.
diamond engagement ring

Round Diamond Halo Wedding Ring Set

2.82 ct Round Diamond Bridal Set

Diamond Solitaire

Diamond with Tapered Baguettes in White Gold

5.01 ct Round Brilliant Diamond Ring

Sapphire Ring

Sapphire and Diamond Ring

8.53 ct Sapphire and Diamond Ring

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